Down jacket production process

Asked the independent filling the porcelain is also the necessary hardware for making down jacket. Mandatory porcelain room requirements are not air-conditioned, equipped with air conditioning.
Full-time cashmere personnel should wear a mask, the use of highly sensitive LCD electronic pounds to accurately down the weight, full of down parts should be filled with a flat car with a flat car seal.
Now officially entered the manufacturing sector: 1. Cutting process:
Cut the bed should pay attention to the bottom of the fabric, lin flat service, all the cashmere must be marked on the knife-edge, but, in order to ensure the overall effect of down jacket, cutting is prohibited drilling point.
If it is the production of gradient color down jacket, row Mark rack is to pay special attention to the color of the components of the matching problem.
If it is the production of stripes, barbed, checkered, pattern down jacket, row Mark rack of the Notes and other stripes, barbed, checkered, pattern type of  replica moncler jackets clothing is the same.
If you have a fur with the parts, pay attention to: leather class with silver strokes and then cut with a blade.
Wool is also cut with a blade, but the reverse cutting.
The pieces of the pile are slightly larger than those of the cloth. The extra amount is prepared to fill the feathers, the feathers are heated and inflated. So that after filling the down, the workshop will not have a loose cloth when the situation.
2. Sewing process:
Down jacket sewing process is the main event. The hardest thing to do is the second floor of the end of the production process, it needs interlocking to produce a piece of clothing. This production process is now rarely used, which probably and China’s labor costs rise a little relationship.
Now on the market down jacket is basically four – five production process. First said four layers of technology:
The first layer needless to say, is the cloth.
The second and third layers are feathers. The fourth floor is the fake moncler jackets. The so-called five-layer process is:
The first layer of cloth.
The second layer is a colored paper.
The third layer is feather gallbladder.
The fourth layer is still down.
The fifth floor is the cloth.

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Why use colored paper?
Mainly because the fabric is a thin material products, need to use the color of the paper to prevent the inside of the color out of it. For example, the use of white fabric and the use of a gray feather, this situation does not have color paper, then down the noise will be revealed. Appearance is mottled from the unbearable.
Sewing the first step:
Car gallbladder cloth: This is the fundamental difference between making down jacket and making cotton. If you skip this link, the other sewing process can be basically the same as the sewing process.
Car gallbladder cloth requirements to adjust the sewing thread, do not be too tight lead to fabric wrinkling, of course, too loose is not OK, so the feather will be directly escaped. When the sewing machine will be gallbladder with plastic side of the face, face to face with pieces, with flat sewing machine with boots along the edge of the cut 1/8 — 3/16 of the stall. Note that the pressure on the flat foot pressure should not be too big, do not leave a car after the location of a tooth marks. Note that in the appropriate location to stay a 4 — 5 inches of small mouth to fill the feathers.
When a down jacket need to fill the various parts of the car is a good car down jacket, [these cars are like a good parts of a bag], we put these parts into the next link —— filling room The When filling the cashmere, first put these parts one by one first about the gross weight [tare] and list a part of the tare table, and then in accordance with the specified weight to each component in the feather, pay attention to see the LCD electronic scale digital changes, here The display should be the sum of the tare of the part and the weight of the specified feather. All parts filled with good down, directly in the filling room with a flat sewing car seal. Seal the completion of the filling room should be on the parts of the stained down the stains clean.

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Here to remind you, if the clothes are open bags and the like, is to fill the feathers before the completion of these sewing process. Sewing the second step:
The purpose of the velvet is to allow the feathers in the replica moncler jackets to be distributed evenly throughout the parts. Usually side of the side of the car down the workshop line, these velvet line is based on the pattern of the knife-edge in the sewing before painting good. After the completion of a piece of clothing asked the cashmere, the full requirements of the fullness of the clothes is the same.
Velvet production process is relatively old production process, and now a lot of brand manufacturers are the first car good velvet cross grid, and then a grid of a grid charge down, so the production progress will be much slower, but can be more accurate on the feather grams control.
The full weight of the clothes and the sales area of ​​the climate is directly related. Specific area / feather grams of heavy table and then we learn from. Ha ha! Sewing the third step:
From this step, the basic can refer to the production of cotton clothing method. There is no more trouble here. Free time and then you talk about the tail of the tail process and maintenance methods.
3. tail process

Down jacket tail process because of its unique raw materials and the general clothing is a little different,

Usually, the tail process has two parts:
The first part: processing button category
Buttons will generally use metal Sihetun deduction, plastic buttons, Velcro [nylon strap], horns deduction and so on … …